ZX Product Sorter

ZX Product Sorter


Product Sorter is a very useful Marketing Tool designed for every Zenner. A simple drag & drop function lets you re-arrange the sort order of products in your store, giving you total control over the order that customers see your products.

We DO offer professional installation service for the module, although you're most welcome to install it yourself. Installation is simple.

FREE DOWNLOAD PRO install service - $20

Now you the store owner can present products in the exact way you want customers to see them by simply and easily changing the order of your products within each category with the simple 'drag and drop' feature of this plugin. This is a great advantage in putting some of your best sellers or bait items exactly where you want them, any time you like to make changes - it is like having a full time 'window dresser' and 'merchandiser' on staff. A huge benefit also is for when repeat or regular customers revisit your site they will likely be seeing your products laid out differently to the last visit giving your store that 'fresh' look.

This plugin updates the sort order normally entered in the product details form, thus overriding the standard numeric/alpha sort order system within ZenCart - a big plus also is that no core files are altered with this plugin and installation is safe and simple.

You just need to navigate to admin->Catalog->Product Sorter, select the category you want to edit and start dragging your products around to re-arrange it. Once you're happy with the results, simply click the "save sort order" button.

Current Version: 1.0
jQuery version: 1.10.2
Additional jQuery libraries jQuery UI 1.11.4
Database Affected: YES - backup your database
Core Files Affected: none
Template Files Affected: none

Before you proceed, make a backup of your database. Installation is done at your own risk.

Unzip the files from "files" directory to your computer. Connect to your server via FTP. Check your admin directory name and rename the one in this package accordingly. Now, upload your files using your FTP client (I recommend using Filezilla) to the store root. Be careful, the store root directory on the server is where your store is installed, not necessarily domain root.

Simply upload all files to your server. No existing files are overwritten or modified.

After you have finished uploading the files, go to your Zen Cart admin section - the plugin will self-install and you'll find new entries under Configuration and Catalog menu.

You'll find a new entry under Configuration menu with the basic settings for the plugin. You can enter the width of your product listing wrapper width to get a more realistic preview, but you can also leave it at the default 800 (meaning 800px) - it will still show the same layout, just different product container width.

The plugin will automatically select and display a grid layout if you're using Column Layout Grid plugin, it will use the "Products Listing- Number Per Page" settings and will add a solid grey line to show where the page ends. If you're using a responsive template that doesn't use Column Layout Grid plugin, you will need to enter the number of columns you have on your product listing page in the Columns Number config.

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