ZX Membership (Simple Membership)

ZX Membership (Simple Membership)


Allows simple membership programmes on your Zen Cart site.

We DO offer professional installation service for the module, although you're most welcome to install it yourself. Installation is simple, but some basic code understanding is required.

FREE DOWNLOAD PRO install service - $20

This plugin allows you to offer a 1-month or 1-year membership at your store. It comes with a dedicated shipping module that you can use to give free shipping (or a different flat rate) for customers with an active membership. There are endless possibilities what you can offer with a membership, it's up to you.

Memberships will NOT renew automatically nor can be set as a subscription. Once the membership ends, it ends.

Customer will receive an email 3 days before the membership ends as a reminder their membership is about to expire and links to your site to extend their membership. The reminder email is sent only once.

If a customer doesn't extend their membership, an email is sent to notify them the membership has expired.

IMPORTANT: this module has a support thread in the official Forum. If you have ANY problems installing or using the module, please check the Forum. If the question hasn't already been answered, feel free to post your question there. Please understand that it might take some time before you get a reply. Private support via email is available only as commercial (paid) support.

Current Version: 1.0
Zen Cart Version supported: 1.5.8 (supports 1.5.7, but hasn't been tested)
jQuery version: not used
Database Affected: YES - backup your database
Core Files Affected: none
Template Files Affected: 1


ZX Membership (Simple Membership) Plugin is designed to work with Zen Cart 1.5.8 (latest version at the time of release). It can be used with all 1.5.7 releases, and can probably be used with version 1.5.6 but hasn't been tested. Older versions are NOT supported, although might work.

Before you proceed, make a full backup of your site's files AND database. Installation is done at your own risk.

Unzip the files from "files" directory to your computer. Connect to your server via FTP. Check your admin directory name and rename the one in this package accordingly. Find includes/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE and rename it to the actual directory name of the template you're using. Now, upload your files using your FTP client (I recommend using Filezilla) to the store root. Be careful, the store root directory on the server is where your store is installed, not necessarily domain root.

NOTE: I recommend renaming the store_root/cron_zx_membership.php file to something like cron_zx_membership_4inznzi5vbagd.php (although it's not required). It doesn't matter what you rename it to, you'll just need to add that new name to your cron job (explained below). Try using random digits for the renamed file.

There are no core files affected (unless you want to modify the Information sidebox to include a link to the membership pages).

There is 1 template-related files that MIGHT get overwritten, but this depends on the template you're using:

  • includes/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/template/tpl_account_default.php

In case you have made any changes to this files, make sure you merge it carefully (you can use a tool like WinMerge). There's a single change and it has been commented. Otherwise, you can simply overwrite.

After all files are in place, log in to your admin section and the plugin will install automatically.

Go to admin->Configuration->ZX Membership and make changes as required.

For cPanel, simply go to "Cron Jobs" and add a new task that runs once per day (any time you want) and set the command to:
wget --quiet -O 'https://YOUR_DOMAIN/cron_zx_membership_4inznzi5vbagd.php' >/dev/null 2>&1
For other hosting panels (Plesk etc.), please ask Google how to add a cron job to run a URL. Note that the filename might be different based on what you renamed it to before installation.


To get started, simply create a new product that will be used for membership. You can make it as a Document - General type so it allows you to style the info page differently. This is completely optional. The product should be Virtual so no shipping is applied. Set stock to a million or something like that so it never goes out of stock. Assign it a unique model number. After adding the product to the catalog, simply go to admin->Configuration->ZX Membership and set the Monthly/Yearly Product by adding the model number of the product you just added.

If you don't want to offer a yearly membership, simply leave the field empty.

If you want to offer free shipping to your customers with an active membership, go to admin->Modules->Shipping and install the "flat_membership" plugin and set cost to 0. The plugin will only be visible to customers with an active membership, other customers will not see it.

If the customer decides to renew their membership before it expires, the expiry date will be used as reference for renewal.

You'll find a new define page in admin->Tools->Define Pages Editor->define_membership_faq.php - make sure you take a look at it and make any changes you need.

There are several ways you can add a link to the Membership FAQ page:

  • using EZ Pages, simple add an Internal Link and point it to index.php?main_page=membership_faq
  • using php code:
    echo '<a href="'.zen_href_link(FILENAME_MEMBERSHIP_FAQ).'">'.BOX_INFORMATION_MEMBERSHIP_FAQ.'</a>';

You can view active and expired memberships in admin->Catalog->Memberships.

No demo available at the moment.