Zen Cart AJAX Add to Cart

Zen Cart AJAX Add to Cart


It's our pleasure to introduce you to the ultimate AJAX Add to Cart module for Zen Cart which is more powerful than any other module available, and best of all, it's absolutely FREE!

We DO offer professional installation service for the module, although you're most welcome to install it yourself. Installation is simple, although some code understanding is required.

FREE DOWNLOAD PRO install service - $20

Improve your User Experience (UX) with this fantastic module and step into the modern age. This Zen Cart module will allow the customer to add a product to cart using AJAX (that means no page reload) and will display a nice popup - shopping cart slider - showing cart contents. The slider will automatically fade out after a certain period of time (can be defined in the admin). The slider also comes with a remove button so your customers can remove any unwanted products directly from the slider and without the need to go to the shopping cart page.

This module is based on jQuery - please check if your site is using jQuery before installing the module. If you're already using jQuery, don't enable jQuery in the module's admin settings. If you're not using jQuery, then you must enable it in admin or the module won't work.

IMPORTANT NOTE: some CSS tweaks will be required after installing the module - please understand that it's almost impossible to create this kind of module that will work out of the box without any tweaks for any website using any template.

Current Version: 1.1
jQuery version: 1.10.2
Additional jQuery libraries jQuery Form
Database Affected: YES - backup your database
Core Files Affected: 1
Template Files Affected: 2

A detailed installation manual will be available soon.

The module is installed just as any other Zen Cart module. Make sure you rename YOUR_TEMPLATE to your template name and upload all files preserving the structure. One core file is affected, make sure you carefully merge the changes. In case other files already exist in your template folder, merge it carefully. All changes are documented an can easily be merged.

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