Zen Cart Upgrade

Upgrade your site to the latest safest version of Zen Cart

With hundreds of upgraded Zen Cart sites behind us, we're confident we can deliver an upgrade without problems.

Upgrading a Zen Cart site doesn't have to be a complicated process - just leave it to professionals.

Zen Cart 1.5.8 has introduced A LOT of code changes - php requirements have forced some new approaches, making the upgrade process slightly more delicate than before. If you don't have the time to study all of these changes, just leave it to us!

How We Do It

The process to upgrade Zen Cart to the latest version can be a complicated and tedious task - but only if you're not sure about what you're doing. Having upgraded so many sites before, we've established our own process of doing it which never fails and provides a seamless experience for the store owner and customers.

One of our latest achievements was upgrading a site that was still using v1.2.4 (yes, 1.2.4!!!) and we've successfully upgraded it to the latest version, revamped it and improved it.

Don't let anyone tell you this is a super-complex task so they can bill you thousands of dollars. It's not that complex.

We have heard too many horror stories about upgrading Zen Cart and seen too many sites broken after upgrading. This is why we always follow the same procedure during an upgrade, and it's done at no extra cost.

Our process can be simplified to the following steps:

  • create a full backup of the current site
  • do the upgrade offline, including upgrading all installed plugins
  • setup a test site where the upgraded site can be tested
  • after all testing is complete and signed off, upgraded site is ready to replace the live site
  • live site goes to maintenance mode, database is synced (so you don't lose any orders, customers or product information that may have changed since backup)
  • live site gets replaced by the new upgraded version, with all data up-to-date
  • total downtime is usually 10-15 minutes

ONE IMPORTANT THING: we guarantee the upgrade will be done properly and if you notice ANY issues or errors even after signoff, we will fix those errors free of charge (under the condition that you haven't altered the site after the upgrade).

Caveats and fineprint

Although we try to make the costs as transparent as possible, we do reserve the right to change the price in case your site is heavily customized or has a lot of custom code. Heavily customized does not mean 10 plugins installed - it refers to sites that were mainly built by professionals and have a lot of custom programmed features added.

We will always do a pre-check before starting the upgrade. In case we find the site too customized for the standard upgrade cost, we will provide a quote and you can choose whether to proceed or not - there will never be any surprise costs!

Some of the plugins may not be available for the current version - if that's the case, we'll communicate it upfront and see if we can offer a solution or an alternative.

If you're using any commercial templates or plugins, you are required to provide the latest version of those before the upgrade begins. If you can't provide a copy of such plugins, we can not guarantee the success of the upgrade and if any issues arise later on that are caused by or related to the old version of those plugins, we can not provide any support for it. As an example, let's say your current site is using an old version of Fast and Easy Ajax Checkout which is no longer compatible with the latest version of Zen Cart or php - if you do not provide the latest version of the plugin, we can not upgrade the plugin and it will most likely cause issues with the upgraded site which we won't be able to assist with.

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