Zen Cart Templates

Get your Zen Cart website a fresh modern look!

It's the first impression that matters most - don't scare your visitors away with a design from the 90s.

A template (or theme or skin, whatever you prefer to call it) is basically your site's design and layout. Your customers will decide if they want to shop with you based on your site's appearance.

If you want to stand out and make your Zen Cart site different or you want your customers to remember it, you'll need a unique custom design. A unique custom built Zen Cart template will help you get closer to your clients and make your site memorable. We can create your custom built Zen Cart template from scratch or we can convert any existing template into a Zen Cart template. As always, we will do it "the Zen Cart way" so you don't have any problems upgrading your site any time in the future.

The cost of creating a custom designed Zen Cart website is slightly higher than using a template, but it's usually pays off much faster - customers are less likely to leave your website if they like how it looks. Your website is your online business and you can't afford it to look bad. Think of it this way - would you buy your clothes in a shop that hasn't even painted the walls since 1995?

Premium Responsive Zen Cart Templates

Responsive templates are currently a must-have. Responsive means that your template is optimized for mobile devices and will adapt the display to any mobile device based on it's screen size. Some elements of the website will be hidden, some transformed, but the main thing is - it's mobile-friendly.

There's a variety of Zen Cart templates available, but not all are as good. We have seen and worked with quite a few commercial Zen Cart templates and have, of course, selected our favorites.

Friendly advice: whatever you do, just DO NOT buy Mozen. That's one of the worst templates out there, with awful coding style and incredibly difficult to work with.

Free Zen Cart Templates

There's a great number of free Zen Cart templates available for download. The official demo site has been turned off so please check the individual template's description for a demo link.

Also, there are some free responsive Zen Cart templates available - please check the official Plugins section for more information.