Zen Cart Reviews Advanced

Zen Cart Reviews Advanced


Product reviews are more important than you might think - shoppers want to read real-life experiences with the product they're about to buy

This plugin allows a much higher level of interaction with the customer than the standard Zen Cart reviews - customers are able to upload photos of the product they purchased and can rate other reviews if they find them helpful.

We DO offer professional installation service for the module, although you're most welcome to install it yourself. Installation requires moderate understanding of code and some files will need to be merged.

DEMO site

BUY NOW PRO install service - $20

With reviews being essential for today's ecommerce (read more here), the ZX Reviews Advanced plugin tries to bridge the gap between modern expectations and current Zen Cart reviews system.

The Zen Cart Reviews Advanced plugin allows customers to upload photos with their review (if enabled). Once the photos are uploaded, they require admin approval before being visible on the frontend. You can disable admin approval and publish photos immediately, but this makes your site vulnerable to unwanted images so this is highly not recommended.

The plugin will list all reviews and customer photos below the product description. It will also show aggregate ratings and average score. These values are actual ratings and you can not modify it.

Visitors will be able to upvote or downvote reviews. Voting is public and does not require logging in. If you don't want to allow visitors to vote, you can disable the voting feature. There is no option to allow voting for logged in customers.


If you go to admin->Catalog->Reviews, you will see a column indicating if there are any customer photos associated with the review.

If you view details of the order, you have the ability to reply to the review and approve any of the uploaded images. The customer who left a review will not be notified about your reply.

NOTE: this plugin is NOT encrypted and you can customize it to suit your needs. It's open source and is compatible with other Zen Cart plugins so the possibilities are endless.

DEMO site

Compare with standard Reviews

Why would you want this plugin when there's built-in Reviews in Zen Cart?

This is not a standalone plugin - it actually expands the features of the built-in Reviews. Here's a list of additional features you get:

  • customers can upload their photos with a review
  • staff can reply to a review
  • review shows if the customer bought the product or not (avoid fake reviews)
  • excellent visual representation of average ratings
  • voting system for helpful reviews

Reviews Advanced Reviews
Customer uploaded photos
Staff reply
Average ratings
Ratings breakdown
Current Version: 1.0
Zen Cart Version supported: 1.5.8 (can work with older versions, but requires different language files - available on request free of charge)
jQuery version: 3.x
Additional jQuery libraries Multiple Image Upload with Preview and Delete Button
Database Affected: YES - backup your database
Core Files Affected: 2
Template Files Affected: 5

A detailed installation manual is included with the purchased zip file.

The module is installed just as any other Zen Cart module. Make sure you rename YOUR_TEMPLATE to your template name and upload all files preserving the structure. Several core file are affected - make sure you carefully merge the changes. In case other files already exist in your template folder, merge it carefully. All changes are documented an can easily be merged.