Zen Cart Programming

Take your Zen Cart website to a whole new and unique level!

Extend your site's features and capabilities with some of the finest modules built just for you.

All sites are different and have different requirements. It's almost impossible to list all of the custom features and improvements that could be done with Zen Cart. Since Zen Cart is extremely flexible and powerful, the only limit is your imagination.

Here are just some of the custom Zen Cart features you might want to include on your site:

  • Supplier Feed integration
  • Supplier API integration
  • Various 3rd Party integrations
  • Advanced Attribute Filters
  • Custom Reports
  • Custom Shipping Modules
  • Existing Feature Customization

Recommended Zen Cart Modules

There are currently over 1.800 Plugins available in the official Plugins section. It's very hard to pick out the modules you need, especially if you're not very familiar with all the possible expansions you might do. We have prepared a list of module that we consider to be must have plugins for Zen Cart.

Plugin Name Plugin Description Installation Fee* Direct Link
Image Handler Image Handler optimizes your images for better page load time, it can add a watermark to your images and allows you to upload additional product images directly from admin. $40  
XML Sitemap This module will automatically create an XML sitemap and will allow search engines to better index your site. (NOTE: don't confuse this with Zen Cart's sitemap page) $20  
Easy Populate Easy Populate is a module that allows you to mass-import your products using a simple spreadsheet. It can save a lot of time if you have a lot of products. $20  
Monthly Sales Report This plugin allows you to create a detailed report for your site's daily or monthly totals, taxes, shipping charges etc. $20  
Cross Sell Also known as "We also recommend..." module. Allows you to upsell your products by offering Related Products on your product info page. $20  
Google Analytics Track your site's performance, see where visitors come from and spot reasons why visitors leave your site. It's a very helpful tool to determine visitors' behavior and interests. $20  
Ask a Question This module allows visitors to easily ask you a question related to a specific product without forcing them to go to your contact page. $20  
Admin Master Password Login to your customer's account using a master password. Excellent for solving some clients' problems. $20  
Fast and Easy Checkout Simplify the checkout process and increase your customer's user experience. Checkout process is minified to one page only with all relevant information editable. It comes preinstalled with Guest Checkout. $60  
Super Orders Get better control over your orders, customize and print invoices, add relevant data... Absolutely improved order management system. $40  
SEO URLs Our absolute favorite module is Ceon's URI Mapping - it will convert your store URLs into a friendly version (mystore.com/shirts/shirt-1). $60  

* We never charge you for the actual products since these modules are and can be downloaded from the official Zen Cart website. We charge only for our intelectual services. All copyright is left intact and under GPL. After our work is done, you take complete ownership and all rights over the project. We preserve the right to list you in our portfolio.

Do you need a Custom-built Zen Cart Module?

If there is anything you need done related to Zen Cart, don't heistate to contact us we'll be happy to discuss your project and see what could be done. Of course, no strings attached.