Zen Cart Server Change

Looking for Zen Cart Hosting?

Do you wish to transfer your Zen Cart site to a new server?

Perhaps your current host is troublesome, perhaps your site doesn't load fast enough, perhaps you're paying more than you should be paying... No matter what the reason is, we can help you change servers for your Zen Cart site and transfer it to your new server.

The cost of transferring your Zen Cart site to another server is $50. All of your settings, plugins and templates will be preserved and everything will work as before. In case your site had any direct supplier integration, please inform us because such integrations might require additional coding in order to work on the new server.

Please keep in mind that we will need full access to your hosting accounts, both old and new accounts.

How long does it take?

It's almost impossible to say before seeing the actual site. However, we normally begin the transfer within 24 hours after receiveing all the information required. Depending on the complexity of your site, it may take upto 48 hours for the process to finish.

Is there any downtime?

Yes. Once the transfer process is finished, your site must be put in maintenance mode. If you're moving to a different server, you'll need to change your domain's name servers so that the domain points to your new server. Domain propagation time is usually just a few hours, but you must be prepared for the official 72-hour period.

Zen Cart Hosting with A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a fantastic cheap Zen Cart hosting option, plus they offer SSD Hosting.

SSD is much faster than a standard hard drive so it allows for much faster page load time - your server has the ability to read files and database much faster resulting in your entire site to run smoother.

Some hosts claim to offer Solid State Drive Hosting but only host your OS or MySQL databases, not your files. A2 Hosting use SSD for everything (files and database hosting on SSD) so you get the biggest speed boost possible. That's why their SSD Hosting loads pages 300% faster than other competitors.