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Point of Sale (POS) module for Zen Cart was built to help you overcome the gap between online sales and sales made through other channels. If you have a physical store with customers walking in to make a purchase, this module is great for you. It can also be used to take orders by your staff over the phone.

This module is based on jQuery - please check if your site is using jQuery before installing the module. If you're already using jQuery, there's a chance this plugin might fail because of conflicts.

NOTE: this plugin is NOT encrypted and you can customize it to suit your needs. It's open source and is compatible with other Zen Cart plugins so the possibilities are endless.

Basic features:

  • very fast because of AJAX
  • completely integrated with Zen Cart
  • works with any barcode scanner
  • your site will not show incorrect stock levels
  • allows you to create new accounts or log in to existing customer account
  • comes with built-in shipping and payment modules to make checkout faster
  • built-in calculator for cash return

The Point of Sale module allows you to add products to cart using a barcode scanner, by manually typing in the barcode or by typing in product's model number (or shortcode). Since it uses AJAX, it will be very fast and will help you process the order in no time.

Your customers can use the same account for both online purchases AND in-store purchases. This allows them to keep track of their entire order history in your shop, or earn Loyalty Rewards if you have any.

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